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The World Of Botanica


The World Of Botanica, A Collection With Over 700 Individual Designs, 70k+ Assets Minted And Distributed Since 2020. The World Of Botanica “TWOB” was created out of love for all things nature. Combining art with diverse plant life to create a unique collection of monsters.

Get To Know The World Of Botanica And All The Plant Life Available In The RAREcity Ecosystem. 

Generation #1

Generation #2

Generation #3

Generation #4

Incubator #1

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The World Of Botanica Contains All Kinds Of Assets From Static And Animation Plant Life To Trading Cards. Creating A Diverse Universe Of Digital Assets With A Tonne Of Blending Combination To Keep The Keen Collector Busy.  


Check Out Of Limited Series Of NFTs Minted On A Rouge Blockchain The Polygon Network. These 13 Infect TWOBs Have Been Banished To The Opensea Market. The Collection Is A Limited 1 Of 1 Series.