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Stake & Earn.

When NFTs from RAREcity are minted or transferred, they are automatically staked to the recipient’s wallet. Refer to the RAREcity Dapp to monitor which assets are currently staked.

RARc Token.

TOKEN SUPPLY: 10,000,000,000

RARc Tokens are minted as needed and are exclusively unlocked through staking, starting with a total supply of 0 and unlocking until all 10 billion tokens have been minted.

The token serves as a reward for NFT holders aiming to enlarge their digital collectible realm, bearing no inherent value beyond purchasing and leveling up NFT assets in the RAREcity ecosystem. It is primarily used for acquiring available NFTs in the shop section of the RAREcity Dapp or adjusting default staking rates.

  • 50% of tokens are incinerated.
  • The remaining 50% are allocated to the RARc wallet for airdrops, developments, and future Dapps.


Successful level upgrades result in the default staking rate of an asset doubling, with 10 levels available for unlocking.

Example 1: Asset 1 has a default staking rate of 1. Unlocking each level adds 1 to the rate, allowing the asset to reach a staking rate of 10 over 10 levels.

Example 2: Asset 2 has a default staking rate of 2. Each level unlocked adds 2 to the rate, letting the asset achieve a staking rate of 20 over 10 levels.

Levelling Cost.

The cost to level up is derived from the asset’s current staking rate; append three zeros to the staking rate to determine the leveling cost.

  • Example: If an asset’s staking rate is 1, then the leveling price is 1,000 RARc Tokens.
  • Example: If an asset’s staking rate is 2, then the leveling price is 2,000 RARc Tokens.

Levelling Difficulty.

A built-in random number generator within the smart contract makes it challenging to level up lower stature assets. An unsuccessful leveling process results in token burn, and those tokens cannot be reclaimed.

  • Level 1 – Start
  • Level 2 – 30% Success
  • Level 3 – 40% Success
  • Level 4 – 50% Success
  • Level 5 – 60% Success
  • Level 6 – 70% Success
  • Level 7 – 80% Success
  • Level 8 – 90% Success
  • Level 9 – 100% Success
  • Level 10 – End